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Is your muse working?

April 12, 2010

It’s monday. Brain not functioning. Words not meshing. And ideas not pulling along. Sometimes as a writer, it’s quite interesting when the magic hits and you’re unstoppable, but what do you when nothing comes to mind?

To beat the ‘blues,’ everyone is different. I hate when my characters aren’t talking, words aren’t spinning onto paper as easily as I want it to, and my inner editor says that my ideas suck. Then I just want to start a fight and still get nowhere.

Maybe my problem is that I’m thinking too hard, expecting too much all at one time, and too determined to make things happen. (But can you really have too much determination?)

When I find that my muse has gone to sleep, I look for outlets to draw it out and tempt it to come out to play. Music is good therapy for me. I like songs I can sing along with to get my muse dancing. Sometimes, I’ll play Josh Groban and Sarah Brightman to bring out the creative side. Other times, I find myself needing a break from the computer screen so I’ll go look for something physical to do. I could take a walk around the resort I live on and watch golfers from Japan in their cute plaid shorts and golf hat, trying to look like a professional golfer or even let my best friend’s dog walk me around the block. I’ve even tried belly-dancing, thinking it’ll open my creative side. (Ever heard of shakras? That was a first. I think there’s seven total.) I’ll even go to the mall and people watch and you’d be amazed at some of the things you see and what your muse can come up with. I’ve even gone as far as trying my hand at cooking, but that’s a bad idea since I can’t cook and I eat everything before it gets to the table. (Trust me, you do not want me in your kitchen.)

Take a deep breath and relax. Sometimes it’s okay to let the muse on vacation, but only for a day or two. So, what do you do to get the creative juices flowing?

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