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Journey in iPad Hell

May 2, 2010
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iPad 3G came out Friday night with a national launch at 5PM for all stores.

And Hawaii was sold out within two hours. How is that possible? I waited and waited since the WiFi iPad came out a month ago, believing that not everyone would want to shell out so much money for an oversized iPhone, but boy was I wrong.

Friday, August 30th, I woke up and called Bestbuy in Aiea. They told me that there was a national launch at 5. I called Bestbuy in Honolulu. They told they didn’t know when they would get any in and didn’t know about the launch. I drove to Bestbuy Aiea around 6:30, sold out an hour ago. Frustrated, I drove all the way to Honolulu and they were sold out half an hour ago, which made me even more mad since the guy didn’t know when they were getting any in. I went home with no iPad.

Saturday, the hunt continues. I went to Apple at ala Moana Mall. They were sold out Friday within an hour. Saturday, they received a shipment that morning, but sold out within two hours of opening. I called the other two Apples stores on the island in Waikiki and Kahala. They were sold out and no stores expected any until Monday.

Hawaii sold out on iPads. I’m living in the wrong place.

I called Bestbuy in New York since my brother informed me in breezed in there on Friday and bought one with no problem. They were sold out and didn’t know when they would get any in. I called the Bestbuy in Saratoga. None. I called Apple at Crossgates Mall, NY. They were sold out, too. I’m willing to fly to New York to pick one up since I’m going there next week, but obviously someone is determined not to sell me an iPad.

I could order online, but then I’d have to wait and I’m not sure where I’ll be yet. So, yes, frustrated.

Why do I want an iPad?

Well, besides for work and having internet wherever I go and I don’t have to carry my heavy laptop with me, it seems practical, but NO. I’ve been waiting a whole year for this thing since I heard about it.

I want to be able to write and edit my assignments wherever I go. Pages and Keynotes are great at an affordable price and now only if they could get Microsoft office and Scrivenor on there, my life would be complete.

I don’t necessary look at the iPad as an e-reader since I have my trusty Sony Daily Edition, but the portable office that the iPad offers is a big draw. Internet pricing is reasonable.

Did anyone but me get an iPad 3G out there? How is it? Will I ever get my hands on one? Or maybe Apple hates me. Writing frustration. Blah.

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